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Reducing your Cost of Ownership

Below are just some of the FSI products we stock.

Both New and Used Mercurys are in stock. Any material, any configuration, any option from Heated recirculation, IR heater, component rinse, FM 4910 compliance: you name it, we can provide it. 1st or 2nd generation CE and Pre-CE tools are ready for delivery.

Text Box: FSI Mercury
Text Box: A refurbished single-console Saturn from Hg Solutions will save money, fab space, facilities, and maintenance time. We custom build Saturn/Titan flow controllers to make this possible with all the components of the solution console installed in the process console.  
Text Box: FSI Saturn / Titan

Excalibur tools now in stock.

Text Box: FSI Excalibur
Text Box: We provide bulk chemical dispense system tailored to your needs and engineered for scalability. 
Text Box: Bulk Chemical Dispense Systems


Product List

Text Box: We have PRI robots in stock. To completely automate wafer transfer and cassette load/unload operations for FSI spray processing equipment.
Text Box: PRI Robot Systems